Life Listr Is Coming!

Why Over 25,000 People Like You Use Life Listr

life listr orange in iphone 5sThis isn’t our first rodeo.  We created a version of the app awhile back and people loved it.  We know this because it had glowing reviews and over 25,000 users.

But we took it off the market.

Just like that, it was gone and we didn’t accept any new users.  We did this because we believe you deserve even better.

Why you aren’t ‘just another user.’

It’s no secret that apps are made without even two sh*ts given to how it will benefit the users.  It’s about money and numbers, not you.

But we happen to think you are a real person, with real feelings, with real dreams and goals.

And to prove that point, overnight Life Listr went away.  Until now…

Why this isn’t ‘just another app.’

As the minds behind this, we are also devoted to accomplishing our own lists.  And we’ve learned a lot along the way about how to make this process easier, faster, even cheaper!

And we’ve used these discoveries as the foundation of the new and improved Life Listr.

The Formula: Psychology + Simplicity = The Formula For High Adventure

In addition to this being built in a way that works with our intuitions, we have tirelessly focussed the design and flow with simplicity as the #1 goal.

“How difficult it is to be simple.”  – Vincent Van Gogh

The cleanest interface and the most simplistic flow you could hope for.  Get what you need done, as quickly and easily as possible.

No fluff.  No filler.  Get straight to your adventure.

Here’s how to get this, FREE.

We we will be giving this away to a limited number or early users for no cost.

Go here so you can get an invite to the new and improved Life Listr™ before it’s too late.




Thanks to Friendship Films, Or Hiltch & Daniele Zanni for the cover shots.


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